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Hopkins Belize Experience | Activities and Tours from Hopkins Village.

Birdseye View of Hopkins Belize Beach
Hopkins Village Beach

Sleepy fishing village located on the south coast of Belize, home to 2,000 people mainly the Garinagu ethnic group, established in the 19th century. Hopkins Village will be one of the most friendliest place you'll ever visit, #Belize #1 Cultural Destination, Mayan Mountains and the Islands (Cayes) are approximately 14 miles from #Hopkins.

Five Unforgettable Things To Do From Hopkins Belize.

1. Garifuna Culture Immersion Tour

The Garifuna #cultural immersion experience takes place right in Hopkins Village and offers a great experiential learning. The #tour starts with dressing in traditional #Garifuna outfits which really gets you in the mood to work and learn. The owner, Uwahnie Martinez, of Palmento Grove brings you to her gallery of Garifuna artifacts where she gives you an overview of the history and culture of the #Garinagu.

After the gallery tour, you get to pull a coconut from the tree and enjoy delicious, fresh coconut water, the fun just continues with husking a dry coconut, using a grater to prepare the coconut for the lunch you will be preparing and eating – hudut (Garifuna dish). Throughout the cooking experience, Ms. Uwahnie, instructs you as well as continues to provide stories and information about the Garifuna people. Once the meal is finished, you get to eat in traditional plates with natural juice. After lunch, the drumming lessons begin!

2. Waterfall Hike at #Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Cockscomb Basin #Wildlife #Sanctuary is a reservoir for biodiversity. Hundreds of species of plants with exotic leaves and flowers, colorful insects, singing birds, furry mammals, scaly reptiles, and wide-eyed amphibians live in this complex #tropical forest community, recognized internationally as the world’s first jaguar preserve. The park offers a wide variety of hikes of varying lengths and difficulty, including to Ben's Bluff, which has a spectacular view of the entire Basin, and to a #waterfall where you can enjoy a refreshing #swim. It is also known for its spectacular #waterfalls, #mountain views, #nature trails, and rich diversity of over 290 species of #birds.

3. Chocolate Making / Cocoa Farm

Experience the traditional #Mayan way of #making #chocolate from bean to bar. Cocoa Beans are grown by local farmers in Maya Center Village and is certified Organic.

Take a short walk to the #cacoa farm to learn about how cacoa trees are cultivated.. The trained farmer will give you a detailed explanation and process of how the beans are extracted from the pods and then fermented and finally dried and ready to be processed into chocolate. You will roast your own cacao beans on the clay griddle, just like how the Mayans did. Making chocolate on the Mayan grinding stone is a lot of fun! The cacao beans being ground on the grinding stone gets magical as you witness your chocolate beginning to unfold. What is more exciting is that you get to eat your own chocolate! The tour is very educational and hands on. You have got to do it.

4. Snorkel on the Belize Barrier Reef

Take a 30-40 minutes boat ride to the Southern #Barrier #Reef which offers several different #snorkeling sites within the South Water Marine Reserve for beginners and experienced snorkelers. Experienced guides takes you on an underwater adventure. Snorkelers often have close encounters with eagle corals, rays, sea turtles, a wide variety of exotic #fish, and even dolphins or friendly nurse sharks! Experience a bit of #island life on this #snorkel adventure as you will normally stop at Bread and Butter Caye or South Water Caye for some beach-combing.

5. Fishing

Belize’s coastline affords the ideal ecosystem for a wide variety of marine life to thrive. #Rivers, #mangrove, #lagoons and #islands serve as nurseries for aquatic species. While abundant #flats and the Belize barrier reef provide a playground for game fish to thrive. #FlyFishing, #Trolling, #Spin and #Handline #Fishing.

Reef Fishing trip start off by catching fresh bait with cast nets near the mangrove formations. Then venture further along the Barrier Reef where our local guide will lead you to the drop-offs ideal for catching king mackerel, barracuda, grouper, jacks, and a variety of snapper.

Fly Fishing from Hopkins Village.

Hunt for permit on the pancake flats of Belize Barrier Reef. Tour depart depending on the tide of the fishing day. Fly Fishing for tarpon in the Lagoon and channels at the Barrier Reef. Bonefishing is a great saltwater fly fishing experience for beginners.

Please feel free to contact us about tours from Hopkins Village. Visit to learn more.

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