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Sustainable job training initiative

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For local fly fishing guides in Hopkins,getting flies is not an easy endeavor.  There are no local fly shops and most guides have never been taught how to make them themselves.   Most rely on their clients to bring them down when they visit but this offers no economic benefit to the local economy.
But what if this wasnt the case?  What if locals were given the materials, tools, and training to make flies and supply guides with a locally made product where all benefit including the economy?
The Southern Belize Fly Tying Initiative was  started in cooperation with Umpqua Feather Merchants to try and solve this problem.  
All around the village young men and women are hungry to learn a new skill and make an honest living.
We facilitate weekly training sessions where advice and materials and handed out free of charge.  
In time, these men and women will supply guides up and down the southern coast with a locally made product that benefits all.  Our next guest tying event will be February 16 in Hopkins

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